Be Brave, Be Bold, "BEA" You

Posted on 14 September 2016

Every day, I keep coming back to this hat.  I keep wishing away the 80 degree humidity so that I can wear it.  It's my staple honestly.  I'm afraid to admit that I own one in almost every color, mitts and scarfs included, but it has become my EVERY DAY. 

Our mission is to create premium knits for the "every day" you.  Life is busy.  Life gets hard.  Whether it is running kids to hockey practice, fitting in an early morning run, dashing to school (right after the bell rings), or running errand's, this hat is right beside you.  Cozy, comfortable, and stylish. 

I hope your every day brings joy to you!  It's the simple things really...and for me, it has been this hat on my "mom-bun" head!

This is RELLA.  It's who we are and what we are all about.  The ability to Be You, to express yourself, and pay it forward.

Thanks for reading!

xo RELLA ox


*Featured product is Bea Cuff in Heather Grey.  Please also see our Betto Hat, which is very similar.  Fleece-lined, hand-knit, excellent and long lasting quality.  Can be paired with matching mitts and scarf!


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